Monday, August 01, 2005

What the Google?

Okay, we're done with our Google 30 Day Challenge... And in 30 days we went from 34th on the list to 5th!

We're not exactly sure how it happened, but here's a list of what we did to increase our search engine position in such a short time:

1. Blogging - We created our blogs and used them to link to our own site. The tought was that the more pages pointing to our owm site (, the more interested Google might be in us. From what we hear, Google really wants to deliver the most relevant results to their users. If many people are linking to a site it must be good right? Riiight... ;)

2. MoBlog - Similar to blogging, we used our moblog ( to link back to our site.

3. META Tags - We added relevant meta descriptions and keywords to each of our pages. Yes, each page has it's own unique meta tags. Also the tags were generated so that they matched words that were already on the page in html.

4. Site Content - We didn't really change anything here, but we did notice that the pages Google found and listed higher were the pages that had multiple references to Seven2. For us that is our news page. We list all of our press releases in order on a single html page. There are 38 references to Seven2 on that page. It looks like loading it up definately helps too. I'd just keep it relevant.

We'll keep on tracking, there is more to come. I hope we can stay on the first page of Google.

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