Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Video Podcasting

We've been thinking about it for months, and now it's a reality. Using Poderator you can now publish your own video podcast that is easily viewable through iTunes.

Video podcasting is really nothing different that traditional podcasting. Instead of linking to an MP3 file, you just link to your video file. So far we can confirm that .mov files are playable in iTunes, we'll be testing others shortly. Since we don't yet have a video iPod I can't confirm whether or not the video will play directly on the iPod at this time. I've heard there is a special format "H.264 video" that the video needs to be encoded to play on the iPod. It's a simple export from QT Pro.

To see a cheesy example we've added a test clip featuring Walker Texas Ranger to my Podcast: http://seven2.net/nicks_podcast/murto.xml

Monday, October 03, 2005

I've got my Micro!

Small is the new big! I picked up a Game Boy Micro last week. It's the coolest Nintendo handheld yet! The screen is so vibrant and so well backlit that it is playable in nearly any light conditions. This thing is going to be the hot item on many kids Christmas lists so far this year.

So far I have only one minor complaint. My hands are a bit large and there is a natural place for me to put my fingers on the shoulder buttons. When I push those buttons they depress and make a sound, but they don't actually do anything. You need to have your fingers over the middle of the button for it to actually depress. It's a little more awkward for me. Besides that I love it!