Thursday, June 30, 2005



Our Google 30 Day Challenge

Last night I was doing some vanity searches in Google and found that our company "Seven2" came up 34th on the list. That's 4 pages in! One of the problems is that we are and not - The latter is a great paddle company and there is a lot if info about them online. Their site and stories about them take up most of the 33 listings before ours.

We've decided to spend 30 days trying a variety of methods to increase our position. As we go I'll list those here and give updates on our position along the way. I'd love to be listed in the top 10, but I'm realistic as well.

Tyler Lafferty will be helping me out as we go. You can view his blog here:

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Nintendo World Store

We just launched the Nintendo World Store today. ( It's a photo tour that shows off the latest and greatest Nintendo products. Back in early May, Brandon and I traveled to New York and met with photographer Jeff to shoot the store.

We spent 3 brief days there, but most of the shoot happened on one long night. We were able to have the store entirely to ourselves most of the time. I think our favorite part of the store was the game pod chairs. Nintendo customized three egg chairs by adding surround sound and a rumble pack into each chair! Once you settle down into the chair you have your own plasma screen hooked up to a GameCube loaded with all the latest games. We could have played for hours!

The Nintendo World Store is a gamers paradise for sure. It's a bit like taking Nintendo's booth at E3 and slamming it into an ultra hip, 2 story building connected to the Rockefeller Center. If I were you I'd get there as soon as I can.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Things I Hear

Here is a list of my favorite Podcasts. Mostly I use my Apple Shuffle to listen, but every once and a while I'll just use my first gen iPod. To download my Podcasts I use iPodder, it's very easy to use, works on both Mac and PC, and publishes everything right into iTunes.

iPodder creates a new playlist for each Podcast feed that I listen to. I then created a "smart playlist" that automatically consolidates each of the other playlists into one. Now when I plug in my Shuffle it is instantly updated with all of my latest Podcasts. It's pretty slick.

What I find myself listening to most often:

  1. CNET Buzz Outloud, a five minute Podcast by Tom and Molly that keeps me up to date in all things tech.
  2. TWIT - This Week In Tech, a bunch of the old TechTV guys that are now out on their own.
  3. The Daily Source Code, Adam Curry's daily podcast. Honestly it's pretty long and he doesn't cover too much outside of his own life. If he could get it down to about 5 minutes I'd be stoked.

The Things I Read

Here are some of my favorite online readings and resources:

  1. Adverblog, Martina does a great job of keeping up with current marketing issues and campaigns. Most of the post are from Europe, but it all very relevant:
  2. MMOOM, Making Money out of Mobile, another site maintained by Martina:
  3. Marketing Profs, they offer a great email newsletter and most of the content is free:

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Holy Weather Issues

Things are crazy here in Spokane right now. We've got 60 MPH + winds and it's just starting to rain. My power and cable keeps going on and off and they say we are going to get a lightning storm over the next hours too. I guess it is so bad there was actually and emergency broadcast signal on TV and the radio.

I had only heard the test signals as a kid growing up. I had never really heard these used for real "emergencies" until I moved to Spokane. In the past 10 or so years I bet I've heard these things at least 5 times. Usually it's just for some sort of storm warning though. Right now the local news keeps popping up on tv and telling us how bad it is. They usually overplay things quite a bit though.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Rollin' Like VIPs

We got the chance to sit right above the Mariners Dugout last night thanks to Dano. Great seats, I forget how much fun it is to watch live baseball. It was a great game, they lost after 13 innings though. We've posted pictures to our MoBlog here. We were so close that even our cruddy Treo 600 images looked great!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I Hate Phone Systems Volume II

Seven2 is getting ready to move into our new office mid July. Again we need to start shopping for a phone system as the one we are using (BizFone") will be staying in with our current space. It's been a year since we went through it and it still sucks. You pay a lot but don't get much, oh well.

We're currently looking at one of three sytems, but can't decide.

Sitting in the Airport

Our flight was delayed this morning, so Tyler and I have a few hours to kill in the lovely Spokane Airport. Not much to eat, just an A&W and some vending machines. Thank God there is Wifi here. But it still kills me that I have to pay for access in public places. They use Boingo here and it's a total rip off at $7 a day. Too bad the aiport didn't join the Spokane Hotzone, access would be free for anyone, at least for the first 2 hours. But really do you need more than that?

At least I can get caught up on some work, it's been crazy lately. Ah there is fun time tonight though. We're heading to the Mariners game and sitting front row. I'll be posting pictures to my MoBlog all night.

Friday, June 03, 2005

This is just a test

You have to have a test the first time right?