Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Things I Hear

Here is a list of my favorite Podcasts. Mostly I use my Apple Shuffle to listen, but every once and a while I'll just use my first gen iPod. To download my Podcasts I use iPodder, it's very easy to use, works on both Mac and PC, and publishes everything right into iTunes.

iPodder creates a new playlist for each Podcast feed that I listen to. I then created a "smart playlist" that automatically consolidates each of the other playlists into one. Now when I plug in my Shuffle it is instantly updated with all of my latest Podcasts. It's pretty slick.

What I find myself listening to most often:

  1. CNET Buzz Outloud, a five minute Podcast by Tom and Molly that keeps me up to date in all things tech. cnet.com
  2. TWIT - This Week In Tech, a bunch of the old TechTV guys that are now out on their own. twit.tv
  3. The Daily Source Code, Adam Curry's daily podcast. Honestly it's pretty long and he doesn't cover too much outside of his own life. If he could get it down to about 5 minutes I'd be stoked. curry.com

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