Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Nintendo World Store

We just launched the Nintendo World Store today. ( It's a photo tour that shows off the latest and greatest Nintendo products. Back in early May, Brandon and I traveled to New York and met with photographer Jeff to shoot the store.

We spent 3 brief days there, but most of the shoot happened on one long night. We were able to have the store entirely to ourselves most of the time. I think our favorite part of the store was the game pod chairs. Nintendo customized three egg chairs by adding surround sound and a rumble pack into each chair! Once you settle down into the chair you have your own plasma screen hooked up to a GameCube loaded with all the latest games. We could have played for hours!

The Nintendo World Store is a gamers paradise for sure. It's a bit like taking Nintendo's booth at E3 and slamming it into an ultra hip, 2 story building connected to the Rockefeller Center. If I were you I'd get there as soon as I can.

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Tyler Lafferty said...

That site is awesome. Cool transitions and photography.