Monday, July 11, 2005

Rent My Chest

Okay, you can't rent mine. But I've rented Chris Pirillo's chest to help celebrate the Seven2's first anniversary. As soon as he posts the image you can we it here at

So far it's only $20 so it good fun. He'll also work with a female if that's the shot you need, but at $2k it's a little spendy for me.

It appears that even DeBeers has rented his chest. Not sure what they got out of it, but at least it shows they have a sense of humor. So far it looks like 85 people have taken the plunge. If nothing else Chris got to pocket about $1700.

I saw Chris speak at the DMA World in Seattle. It's put on by the Seattle DMA. They did a great job and most of the speakers had some good information, but by far Chris was the most animated. You may remember him from his TechTV days.

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